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The gallery solution is based on services of external suppliers and is also providing shop functions.

You can access and watch all public galleries without leaving any personal data and without any need to use the shop functionality.

Submitting personal data is only required when you want to place a picture order in the shop or to create your own galleries for your favorite pictures.

Data Protection Note

  • The external suppliers PayPal, Pixum, RedFrame, Google and Facebook are USA based companies.
  • These external suppliers collect, store and use personal data based on their own data privacy policies in order to provide their services.
  • These data privacy polices aren't necessarily consistent with the national data protection laws and requirements in the country of the respective user.
  • Dietrich Heusel Video & Photo is unable to change the behaviour of these suppliers and is is not liable and cannot be hold liable if one of the above-named provider violates against existing laws in the country of the respective user.
  • You are not allowed to place any order in the online shop when you don't agree with the data privacy policies of the above-named provider.
I have read and understood the Data Protection Note and want to access the gallery and shop site.


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