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The picture above was created by Nathalie I.K. during a photo shoot on Sardinia (Italy).

Order basis

  • As a basic principle I work on a contract base only.
  • Inquiries will be answered as soon as possible (normally within 1-2 days). In exceptional cases, e.g. without having internet access, the response time can take up to one week.
  • My expectation is to get paid for my work (PAY contracts).
  • Within PAY contracts, I always try to create a successful outcome for all participants. I expect the same vice versa from models and customers.
  • I don't have a studio. Assignments will usually be performed on location provided by the customer.  Whenever a studio is required, it will be rented based on the needs and invoiced 1:1 with full cost transparency. 
  • My invoices are always accounted with current VAT (based on German VAT regulations). I expect the same from my business partners.
  • I will always accept the escort of a model (but it may also be used to assist).
  • I'm only available for TFP based work, in cases where all participants are willing to work in an experimental way in order to develop inspiring and not everyday topics / productions (if necessary this can also include working without creating a success story)
  • In my opinion TFP based work does always mean, that each participant bears its costs by itself. Exception could be a contract based cost sharing.

Way of working


For each kind of order it's important to me to work out the underlying idea and the order itself as much as possible in detail and to set it out in writing before signing it. This helps in understanding the expectations of all stakeholders, to clarify feasibility, cost and use of materials and may create a positive effect on the result. Purely experimental session are the exception to this rule.

Depending on the type of a shooting, working with me is:

  • focused, planned as well as target and result driven, with clear messages (usually applies to all PAY, subject oriented and assignment driven shootings)
  • relaxed, unconventional, experimental and chummy with all kind of levels of creativity for the model as well as for the photographer (usually apllies to all my TFP or by myself funded shootings)

Based on the situation a mix of both variants is possible.

Timeliness, honesty, reliability and fairness should be natural.

Unforeseen things may always show up, despite of having the best coordination. By using today's available technologies, everybody should be able to communicate changes in time, in case something is happening. Even when being late, this should be part of fairness. It helps your partner to do other things on short-term up to your arrival.

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